The Method

Verleg je grenzen

The 3 Stages of the method

The method covers three main stages; before, during, and after the training.

Before the Training

In this stage, there will be a free intake meeting. During this meeting, we will investigate your personal goals and learning needs. If you already have some command of the Dutch language, there will also be a test to determine your language level. Based on your personal wishes, needs, and current language level, we will make you an offer that suits you best.

During the Training

All our lessons are practical. You will learn all aspects of the Dutch language, such as vocabulary, reading, spelling, pronunciation, and grammar, but the emphasis is mainly on speaking skills. This way, you can immediately apply what you learn. Of course, the language of the floor during the training sessions will be Dutch.

Whether training individually or in a group, you will always receive personal attention and individual coaching from your trainers. The groups are never too big and the level of each individual will be almost the same as yours. Also, you can always propose topics yourself and indicate what you would like to pay extra attention to.

Presentation during the training
Presentation during the training

After the Training

After the training, there will be a final test taken to determine your Dutch language level. Students who complete the course with sufficient results will receive a certificate. During the training, we regularly discuss the objectives and progress. If necessary, the program may be adapted. At the end of the course, you will need to complete an evaluation form.

Following these three stages in the method, you can get enough instructional input as well as corrective feedback from your teachers and peers.

Lesson Material

We adapt all the lesson material to your situation. There are also standard lesson materials available.


The number of hours for self-study depends on which type of training you choose. In the individual lessons, we will discuss how much time you want to spend on self-study. Of course, you will learn the language faster when you repeat the lessons at home.