Individual Dutch Language Course

Verleg je grenzen

Individual Dutch Language Course

The individual Dutch course is fully tailored to your personal wishes and learning needs thanks to an effective and result-focused method. Work at your own pace on your own schedule and feel a sense of freedom in your learning process. Whether you are a total beginner or have studied for a couple of months with Duolingo or have taken some online classes, you can begin at your convenience. According to many instructors, students who are learning Dutch mostly have problems with the writing part of this language. Thus, you can choose between an intensive course or just a refresher for your writing skill. This doesn’t mean you won’t have speaking or other skills in your curriculum. Your course at Learndutchnow will be comprehensive. You will practice all the necessary skills as well as subskills.

teacher-learner working together
Individual Dutch Language Course

If you are interested in the individual course, we would be happy to schedule an intake interview for you. During this interview, the trainer will identify the factors that will help our team in LearnDutchNow to develop a custom training course for you. These include:

  • The available time
  • Your current Dutch level
  • Your wishes and demands
  • Possible custom solutions

After the intake, you will receive a customized offer. Also, you will have an overview of what your course will look like and how you can work your way up in your Dutch learning process. As a result of the individual Dutch course, you will immediately feel that you can communicate with your Dutch colleagues and friends better. This way your self-confidence will increase and you can achieve your professional goals easier.

Why Choose an Individual Dutch Language Course at LearnDutchNow?

Customized training course for you
Immediately applicable for maximum ROI
Efficient, effective, and practice-oriented
More successful international business
Experienced language trainers and native speakers
Practice using your own industry jargon

Questions? Please contact our closest branch office.

If you are looking for a Language other than the Dutch language, please visit Elycio Talen’s website for more information.