Dutch Open Group Courses

Verleg je grenzen

Dutch Open Group Courses

Practical Group Training Courses for Beginners and Advanced Learners

Why sign up for an open group training course at LearnDutchNow?

Learn with participants at the same level
ISO 9001 certified
Wide selection of qualified trainers
Average CEDEO score of 9.78
Starts several times a year
Eight branches in the Netherlands

Language Course for Open Groups

We organize open groups regularly. These groups are open to all business professionals. If you want to improve your language skills in an interactive way, this is definitely for you. Total beginners and more advanced learners will benefit from the courses. All our courses are held with the help of experienced trainers. In addition, we run both physical classroom courses as well as online ones.

The location of the classes can be at any of the branches. These branches are in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Emmen, Enschede, Maastricht, Rijswijk, Zeist, and Zwijndrecht. Normally, the courses last ten weeks. Each week you will have two hours of class. Total beginners can have twelve sessions each with the same amount of instruction. The time of each class is set according to your availability.


Course Content

The content aims to improve your speaking and listening skills. For example, most of the topics center around common business situations that make you ready for your daily discussions. The courses consist of small groups of up to eight participants. This guarantees enough attention to everyone. Constant attendance is also helpful to achieve your certificate.

Learning by Doing

This group course aims to improve your speaking and listening skills by doing. Furthermore, you involve in role-play exercises, dialogues, and group discussions. Such activities will level up your confidence inside and outside of the classroom. In fact, the content adds to your vocabulary knowledge and betters your understanding of grammatical structures.

Practical Training Method

The method focuses more on the use of language in everyday situations, however, grammar tips are not neglected. The target language will be spoken as much as possible. It is important to note that the results depend largely on your own motivation. Similarly, your learning pace and attention play a crucial role, too. Doing homework increases the effectiveness of the course. Self-studying is yet another way that can help you learn faster.

Our trainers are expert native or near-native speakers. They help you get an excellent command of the target language. Moreover, they introduce you to the corporate culture of the countries where the language is used.

Objectives of the Open Group Course

  • Improve language proficiency and cultural understanding for everyday use
  • Expand your vocabulary knowledge and industry-specific words
  • Develop effective and practical communication skills
  • Improve business results

If you are looking for a language other than Dutch, please visit Elycio Talen’s website for more information.