Business-Dutch Course

Verleg je grenzen

A Business-Dutch Course at LearnDutchNow, a proven expert with more than 50 years of experience.

Why language institute LearnDutchNow?

Extensive intake and analysis
Customizable practice-based programme
ISO 9001 certified
Average Cedeo score of 9.78
Experienced native trainers
Eight branches in the Netherlands

Business-Dutch Course

If you would like to improve the way you do business in the Netherlands, mastering the Dutch language is a must. We can help you by offering a result-oriented language course. This fully customizable course will be tailored to your needs and learning objectives. It will allow you to apply what you learn immediately. Your personal language trainer will teach you the written and unwritten rules. These rules help you in your business so that you can communicate with your contacts. After each course, you will see greater confidence and success.

Our customizable Business-Dutch Course is personalized and result-oriented. Following a detailed intake and analysis, we will develop a course that fits your needs and learning objectives. We offer a wide range of training options. These include individual and group courses as well as workshops. We can also provide you with a combination of them. The courses can be offered in person, in a blended learning environment (in-person and e-learning), or entirely online. Whether you are a beginner or a near-native speaker, we can help you improve your business Dutch quickly and efficiently.

What will you learn during the Business-Dutch Course?

During the course, we will pay close attention to industry-specific jargon and the terminology you need. We will also cover the most common titles, honorifics, and business formulations. Furthermore, business etiquette and the hierarchical decision-making processes in English-speaking cultures are other points that we focus on. You will learn to understand the meaning of what people say, as well as what they imply. A precise interview will help us tailor the course to your daily work situation. This allows you to apply what you learn to your work needs.

The Advantages of a Business-Dutch Course at LearnDutchNow

You will receive fully functional courses in line with your needs, wishes, objectives, and schedule.
Your language trainers are professional native Dutch speakers with vast experience in teaching Dutch.
The courses will help you improve your knowledge of the Dutch language.
All courses are offered in an in-person, blended, and/or online environment.
You can immediately apply what you learn to your daily work.
You will achieve maximum results thanks to our ISO 9001 certified teaching methods.
Our training courses have received an average Cedeo rating of 9.4.

A Few Reasons to Take a Business-Dutch Course:

  • You have been promoted into a position in the organisation where you lead a team of Dutch people.
  • You are sick and tired of not being able to accurately and concisely comment on topics during a heated debate, when you would be well able to in your own language.
  • An incredible job at an organisation is waiting for you but the people speak Dutch there. However, you do not know Dutch very well.
  • A colleague who has been in the Netherlands for less time than you speaks Dutch better than you do.

We offer flexible training times, which means you can start when it suits you best.

We can schedule training courses at one of our branches on weekdays between 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, and during the weekends (ask for specific times). You can begin your course at any time, in consultation with our trainers.

If you are looking for a language other than Dutch, please visit Elycio Talen’s website for more information.